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A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change)

A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change)

SUMMARY: What it says on the tin.
GENRE: gen, 11th Doctor-era-ish
RATING: Totally safe for work or library viewing.
WARNING: large images and many of them.

(Click to enlarge. For clarification of very small text, refer to PDF.)

Flickr Set
Download Lossless PDF (ATTN: Fresh, new, object-arrangement-based-mistake-free version!)

NOTES: The idea for this grabbed me by the throat and would not let go. I lost sleep, I ignored more pressing concerns, I burnt my laptop's keypad because I forgot about the cigarette I was holding. This was a super-fun project to do and even if like two people show up and go 'huh' I will still be happy because seriously, this was ~so much fun~. Ugh nerd.

NOTES TO THE MODS: This hovers between fanfiction and fanart, and given a choice between this comm and the nearly-dead dw_fanart, I picked this one. Please don't make me move! I like it here.

NOTES MORE SPECIFIC: All layouts and drawings made in Illustrator, textures made in the Gimp, and the Shipyard modeled in SketchUp. Fonts are Garamond Premier and Snell Roundhand, with interludes of Helvetica and Times New Roman.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't invent the TARDIS, I just do pictures about it, and I make no money, only funtimes and vectors. And vector funtimes.


URRONE: I have read all your comments and each of them fills my doofy heart with glee. Thank you all, seriously. At this point my brain pops out thinking about responding to everyone, but I respond WITH MY SOUL and send you great love.

IN RE: Prints!

1. The colors are web-optimized and RGB! Things might print out funny, idek.

2. As I am not super-comfy making money off someone else's property, I would suggest something along the lines of - I can't vouch for their online service, but their irl version has always served me well. The process there is to take a file on a USB and go to the counter sayin' MAKE ME THIS ONE SUPER-BIG. If anyone has a better suggestion, do drop a line.


Individual PDFs (CMYK) for printing individually:

front cover
Console Room
The Library
Recreation Center
The Shipyard
The Aether
A Memorial
The Gardens
Shuttle Schedule
Cafe Menu
back cover

I also realized just now that although it was sort of intended to be portrait-oriented with each page folding in half, I never went through the business of having it make practical sense; either the covers are wrong or the alignment of the text on the front and back inside pages is wrong. This is vaguely distressing me and at the moment I'm not sure how to fix it one way or the other. For now I will assume that no one actually wants to make a book. If it is somehow a thing you're interested in, drop a line and we'll figure something out.
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