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Doctor Who Fan Fiction

The community for Doctor Who fan fiction on LiveJournal.

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Welcome to dwfiction, a home for Doctor Who fan fiction on LiveJournal. We welcome all kinds of DW fic, great and small. Check out our companion communities dw100 (a weekly Doctor Who drabble challenge) and whofic (Teaspoon news, support, and featured stories).

Please consider archiving your story on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind.

Posting Guidelines:

The only thing allowed here is fanfic.

1. Your story must feature characters from Doctor Who or its offshoots.

2. Please LJ-cut long stories. Instructions here.

3. Each story should be a new post in the community (not in the comments section). Please make sure you include a title, rating and pairing (if any) for each of your stories. You can put that information in the subject line. You MUST put the title in the subject line(this will make your story easier to find!) Title, summary and pairing info should be free of spoilers for seasons still currently airing in UK, US, Canada or Australia.

4. Any rating is welcome and any pairing: het, slash, gen. Please put entries with anything graphic (language or sexual) behind a cut, for the more sensitive among us.

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